New Year Book Promo

I hope everyone has been enjoying 2017 so far. I’m ringing in the new year by giving away Closet Door for free on today and tomorrow only! 


Book Release and Kindle Promotion

I hope everyone is recocloset-doorvering from Tuesday’s elections. I know it’s been pretty rough. Here’s some good news! Closet Door is now on sale in eBook form on! I am overwhelmed with excitement and I hope everyone enjoys reading it.

I’m learning about the self-publishing world as I go along and one thing I recently learned is that I can’t put my book in a promotion period until I have been enrolled in KDP select for thirty days. So my book will be sold at its regular price which is bad news for those who were counting on that promotion I wanted to offer. I will be running the promotion as soon as it is available in December and I will get the word out on social media about it for those of you who want to hold out for it.


Book Release Date

Hi there, folks! I am so excited to be writing this today. The scheduled release date for my first self-published novel, Closet Door-Book One of the Justice Newberry Series, is Thursday November 10th. I will post an excerpt on this blog a few days before. The ebook will be sold through Amazon only since I will be taking advantage of their KDP select program. It will be free for the first five days it’s out. After that the price will go move to $2.99. 

Can’t wait to publish my first book

I am so excited to let everyone know that I will be self-publishing my first book on Amazon KDP soon. I don’t have an exact date set yet but it should be early to mid October. I know! That soon! Follow me on twitter and Facebook for updates. I’m also posting a chapter here on my website as soon as I’m published. Thanks for hanging in there!